What is "NVIIIVE"?

What is "NVIIIVE"?





In a world where diversity is trending, the thirst to stand out begins to create fissures in society. Our role at NVIIIVE is to remind everyone of how, and just as importantly where we’re all connected.

Our brand is active. We’re always on the move. Whether going to the beach, the gym or out to have a good time we don’t stop. But NVIIIVE also lives in those other moments. Around the dinner table. Playing in the yard. We’re a family.

You’ll see our apparel on athletes, musicians, people at the mall. But what’s important is you’ll wear the NVIIIVE to represent where you’re from.

We look to transcend the normal confines and definitions of who should wear a brand. You could redefine it. So we invite you to join us... and become a NVIIIVE.


A person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not. 

NVIIIVE ("native") is an active lifestyle brand aimed towards unity and to create and maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle. The roman numeral "VII" placed between the "N" and "VE" in "N-VII-VE", represents the main Hawaiian islands. No Culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive.



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