NVIIIVE Wellness: Importance of Sunshine

NVIIIVE Wellness: Importance of Sunshine

The importance of Sunshine (during a pandemic).

With the state on its second lock down, public beaches and parks have been closed to the public. Which leaves many of us missing our daily activities. It is important that we still get out and be active in the sun.

When natural sunlight hits the skin it activates our body’s vitamin D production. Vitamin D is also known as “the sunshine vitamin.” It is a critical ingredient for overall health; lowers high blood pressure, helps muscles, protects against inflammation,  improves our brain function and could potentially protect against cancer.

 Lower levels of vitamin D may lead to heart disease, prostate cancer and dementia. Our bodies are meant to be in the sun, and exposure to sunlight during the day is crucial to your well-being. Sunlight May Improve Heart Health. It is advised to get 10-15 minutes of sunlight daily as a minimum.

Exposure to sunlight has a major impact on mental health such as depression, seasonal effective disorder and sleep quality. Adding a little sunshine to your life can even promote weight loss! 

Go on a hike, hit the surf, take a swim, go for a run, bike around your neighborhood or even plan a camping trip (if your government allows).the point is get out and get in the sun. You will be pleased with what being outdoors can do for your health and well being.



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